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I'm Possible Core Values

The Introduction to I’m Possible Academy (IPA)

Firstly, who are we and what is I’m Possible Academy (IPA)?

We are a Tutoring provider and we aim to deliver tutoring in a unique method where we look to improve, develop and shape our clients ‘holistically’. Through our four core values of; Connection Gratitude/Mindfulness, Individualised Learning and Physical Activity, we believe that tailoring our lessons and using those four values as our backbone, we will achieve our aim of developing the ‘whole’ child.

IPA VS ‘Traditional’ Tutoring Approaches

Through the lens of an employee, and now a leader of the company, I believe there are two major differences in our approach compared to ‘traditional’ tutoring approaches. Firstly, learning. I believe, and having worked for another company before IPA, the traditional way for tutors is to enter a client’s house, or a client attends an office to meet the tutor, to do the learning for a period of time before concluding the session. No connection, no time developing the mindset, and delivers the content in the ‘tutoring’ way without the input of parents, teachers of the client, and the client themselves. What I mean by ‘client themselves’ is that often tutors just deliver a strategy without student input - for example in numeracy, tutors would show the strategy that they know only, and not in a way that the student is accustomed to, or how they have been taught in class. The second major difference I have noticed is that other tutoring companies are results-driven - “oh wow, you got a B for your numeracy when you have been getting C’s for the past two years, let's take a photo and post this on our social media pages”. I will delve into how our approach will allow our students to improve on their results in another way however, this is not our primary focus. For me, those two differences stand-out and affirm for me personally that this approach, the modern way, brings a lot more value to our clients compared to other tutoring companies.

IPA’s Four Core Values and why:

Here are our four values which are the backbone of every (1 hour) lesson:

1. Connection

Firstly, our connection is what ‘sets the tone’ between the client and the Inspirational Coach (our title for tutors). We are highly encouraged to form ‘secret handshakes’ with our clients, believe it or not, this forms a connection. This starts and ends every session, parents and clients themselves look forward to this part. The saying of ‘it is the little things that matter most’ is so evident. Another thing we are encouraged to do is talk to our clients, asking them how their day was (as we generally see our clients after school) and depending on when we deliver our sessions, asking them what they did or are doing on the weekend. All these things allow Inspirational Coach-client connection which can enhance the ability for our clients to attempt hard work, take risks and ask for help without hesitation (Hattie, 2020).

2. Gratitude/Mindfulness

What differentiates our clients with some of their class members who are succeeding more academically is their mindset. A lot of our clients will look at a difficult task and will often say “this is too hard” or “I don’t get this”, this is why this part of the company’s core value is so important to our clients. This component enables our clients to be ‘grateful’ for the things they have, then the Inspirational Coaches will often remind and instruct our clients to value their individual strengths, as well as, placing clients in ‘difficult’ scenarios and explore ways in which they can approach it in a more positive way. This will enhance their confidence levels in which we hope, as a company, allow our clients to enter their classroom in a more confident manner.

3. Individualised Learning

This component I hope is self-explanatory. As we are a tutoring provider, this makes up the majority of every session. Parents along with their child, have a major voice in terms of the content that they require support with. IPA staff will also liaise with the child’s teacher and inquire about the content that will be covered for that particular term - to ensure flow, consistency and similarities for the child in what they do each day in the classroom, and of an afternoon with their Inspirational Coach.

4. Physical Activity

Lastly, Physical Activity. We all know the positive effects that Physical Activity brings to our bodies. To conclude each lesson, the Inspirational Coach will deliver a fun Physical Activity session to our clients - whether it is a fitness circuit in the back/front yard or indoors, walk or run around the block, challenges between siblings etc. The above image outlines the benefits that Physical Activity brings for everyone, hence why we include this as our last core value.


By delivering our four core values each and every lesson, we are achieving our goal to improve, develop and shape our clients holistically. I mentioned in my introductory points regarding how we are not a ‘result-driven’ company, this is because once we have developed the child ‘holistically’, the results will come after this. When they feel a sense of connection with their teacher, when they appreciate their skill set/s and strengths, when they feel confident in their own ability - the results will fall into place.

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