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Super Hero Kids

Why I'm Possible Academy?

I’m Possible is a unique education system that encourages students to become confident learners and most importantly, self-aware human beings. At I’m Possible, we are focused on gifting each and every student the opportunity to unleash their inner superhero.

I’m Possible Academy strives to “make it possible” at each and every session. Our students are given the opportunity to develop a resilient mind and to learn from failures. Our sessions do not fit into the typical standard tutoring approach that solely focuses on academic results.

We believe that children truly shine from within when they have the tools, resilience and confidence to not only excel in their strengths but face difficulties with an open mind.

“Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

We Focus on the Whole Child

Our holistic approach develops and supports the whole student through 3 important developmental facets; 

Mindset, Knowledge & Physical Activity. 


I'm Mindful

At the beginning of each session, our students focus on practising gratitude by reflecting upon the many positive opportunities and gifts that are presented to them. Gratitude can increase a child’s sense of happiness, teach them to be more empathetic towards their peers and help them to appreciate everything that they have. Our students then complete our growth mindset component. Children with a growth mindset believe that intelligence is something that can be developed with effort and hard work. These students are able to see school as a place to develop their abilities and as an opportunity to grow, instead of a place where things are “hard” or “boring”.

Kids in Preschool

I'm Creative

All of our lessons are tailored to the individual learning needs of each student, Instead of a “one 

size fits all” approach. Our Inspiration Coaches provide activities and learning tasks which are aligned with the topics and curriculum that will support the child’s growth within the classroom. 

The benefits of a 1:1 approach to learning: 

  • Promotes Deeper 

  • Understanding 

  • High Quality Interaction

  • Low Stress Environment

  • Student Driven 

  • Personalised

Kids Playing

I'm Active

Concluding each lesson, our students complete 10 minutes of high intensity, FUN, physical activity. Not only is this beneficial to the child’s physical health, but it also positively impacts the brain, cognition function, attention and academic achievement in students.

We Inspire Beyond the Classroom

Currently, our education system often focuses on a narrow sliver of children’s cognitive development with an emphasis on transmitting content knowledge, often to be memorised and repeated in the same form it was received. Lessons in math, science, and reading, and tests in those skills dominate the curriculum.

While those subjects are fundamental, learning involves far more than merely acquiring inert knowledge in algebra or chemistry. Such a narrow focus gives short shrift to the ways that children need to grow and learn in their relationships, identity, emotional understanding, and overall well-being. After all, children are multi-dimensional “whole” beings whose development is complex and rich.

That's why I'm Possible's core values have been developed to reflect recent research in neuroscience, developmental and learning sciences, education, sociology, that confirms that a “whole child” approach is necessary to ensure that children learn well.

Our Core Values
Why are these our values?





  • According to research, Learning is social, emotional, and academic. Positive relationships, including trust in the teacher, and positive emotions, such as interest and excitement, open up the mind to learning. Negative emotions, such as fear of failure, anxiety, and self-doubt, reduce the capacity of the brain to process information and learn. Children can build skills and awareness to work with emotions in themselves and their relationships.

  • Brain development is shaped by consistent, supportive relationships; responsive communications; and modelling of productive behaviours. The brain’s capacity develops most fully when children and youth feel emotionally and physically safe; and when they feel connected, engaged, and challenged



The lesson structure is fantastic for Cooper, he really enjoys the physical activity component. As a parent, it is refreshing to see him excited to learn.


Before using I’m Possible Academy, my daughter was involved in other tutoring services. We are so thrilled that we were referred by our close friends and really believe their overall approach has been beneficial in improving her results within the classroom.


The whole holistic approach. Annabelle is fantastic with my girls and they are thriving having her tutor and mentoring them.


My son has always lacked confidence. I’m Possible Academy has offered an environment that build his resilience.

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